while people pray and may say that prayer do not answer faster is not true ,prayer answer faster when you pray with a pure heart and childish mind .

secondly pray with key and prayer point and also called on the holy names that will answer your needs

here are holy names ,meanings and psalm it works with.

Adon(Lord) holy name to psalm 3

Jiheje, (He is and will be) holy name for psalm4

The holy name of PSALMS 45 and 46 is ,,,Adojah, ,, (this name is composed of the first syllables of the two most holy names of God, Adonai and Jehovah)

holy name Schaddi, which signifies Almighty is for psalm 49 and 50

PSALM TO MAKE YOURSELF BELOVED BY YOUR FELLOW-MEN PSALM 47.-Do you wish to be beloved, respected and well received by all your fellow-men, pray this Psalm seven times daily.

Chai, signifying Living, is the holy name of psalm57

Paltioel , which signifies Strong God, My Rescuer and Saviour; holy name for psalm 59

PSALM TO MAKE SOLDIERS SAFE FROM INJURY PSALM 60. -If you are a soldier in any army, and are about marching into the field, repeat this Psalm, keeping in mind the holy name of Jah, and at the conclusion of each repetition of the Psalm, utter a suitable prayer in full reliance upon the endless omnipotence of Him, who can give the victory where he will, and you will be enabled to return to your home uninjured

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