How To Make Talisman Seal By Yourself

Seals are drawn on a white parchnment, beneth a candle 🕎 anointed with oil🛢 light an insence and read the conjuretion . NOTE all talisman has its particular candle, oil, insence Etc provided on the use and what you are looking for. Seal are magical powers that helps in some asperct of life needy like […]

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Lordsamuel blast Nigeria, call her wild beast government

As we are looking to see what will be the outcome of Nigeria ,spiritual I my self are seeing Nigeria as a failed nation . Because the spirit of leaving is not there anymore, and the Biafra people can never stay united with this beast of no comparison. Soon devil shall stay away the Igbo […]

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The Conversation of God.

Adonai, Sother, Emanuel, Ehic, Tetragramaton, Ayscher, Jehova, Zeboath, the Lord ofHosts, of Heaven and Earth; that which appertains to the Sixth and Seventh Books ofMoses, as follows:Adonai, E El, Zeboath, Jebaouha, Jehovah, E El, Chad, Tetragramaton Chaddai,Channaniah, al Elyon, Chaye, Ayscher, Adoyah Zawah, Tetragramaton, Awiel, Adoyah,Chay, Yechal, Kanus, Emmet, thus spake the Lord of Hosts […]

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